COD: Advanced Warfare – Secret Gun Glitch

It’s exceedingly improbable that gamers don’t detect anything and everything that programmers have concealed inside a particular game. This is one reason why many games today have hidden treasure chests and collectibles for the daring gamers. These gamers will literally scan every inch of that game’s virtual universe to come across a a hidden item or a glitch. Something of the sort has been found in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, its actually a secret firearm glitch.


AH Community described in great detail the procedure of discovering this special gun. This firearm obtaining it needs going out of bounds on a grade and isn’t unavailable anywhere else in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

In the level called Throttle players need to go into a particular building that’s way off the beaten trail that they’re actually designed to be on and that’s where they’ll find an RPG that is named WEAPON_RPG.


It may be picked up and used even though the name might imply that this weapon is not really supposed to be here. Nonetheless, its glitchy, and doesn’t make any type of sound when its fired.


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