Tutorial Thursday! How to setup a Minecraft Server!


Welcome – this is my first Tutorial for Thursday! I will be showing all of you how to set up and run a Minecraft server.

1. Go to the download Minecraft page on Minecraft.net

2. Dowload the server program and save it on your descktop.

3. Create a new folder on your desktop.

4. Put the server program in the new folder.

5. When you open the folder again, you should see some new stuff has been added. Find a file called eula.

6. In the eula file, remove the word false and replace it with the word truth.

7. Click Win+R

8. In the window that opened, type in cmd.

9. You should now see a black screen that looks like something from an old PC. Type in ipconfig and press enter.

10.You should now see some more text and some lines of numbers on the right. Look for a number that is labeld as Ipv4 address. The number should have this format: xxx.xxx.x.xx. This is your internal ip.

11. Click on the server program. A new window should open.

13. Go to Multiplayer in Minecraft, click direct connect, and type in the number you got. The world you will connect is your very own server.

12. In your server folder, go to a file called server properties. That is where you can alter your world settings. Use it to create a start-up you are happy with.

14. You can now connect to your server but no one else can. First you have to port forward. This means letting your router what to do with all the traffic. Go to the website of your internet provider, click port forward, and log in. Where it says port, type in 25565 and where it says ip, type the ip you found out earlier or select it from a list if you are presented with one.

15. Now go to what’smyip.com and there you should see your external ip. That is the ip your friends will need to connect to your server.

16. If you are creating a server for everyone and not just some friends, you will need a domain. Go to no-ip.com, create an account, and click manage domains. Create your custom domain and make sure it is linked to your external ip (no-ip should automatically detect it and type it in for you) .

17. Done!

I hope this helps! If you have created a public server, thanks to this blog please leave the ip below, I would love to check it out! In my next post, I’ll share how to prevent people from using Minecraft hacks and reaping havoc on your server!

Tutorial Thursday! How to setup a Minecraft Server!